It was so nice of my UCR chem buddy to drive out to LA to hang out with me :) I had a great time chatting and laughing with her. We got Pinkberry frozen yogurt (pineapple flavor), ate sushi and salmon, and played two rounds of pool.


jaredleto addresses the #jaredhugginleto meme that is taking the internet by storm!



Jimmy Fallon & Kevin Hart ride a rollercoaster

#TBT to the time Jimmy and Kevin Hart rode a roller coaster and met a friendly bug! 

This still gets us every time! 

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Visiting Lincoln

It’s always nice visiting my past high school teachers. I’m sadden that some of the faculties that I knew are gone. But some of the great ones are still here. The first teacher that I always visit is my math/ advisory teacher. He means the most to me because he cares the most and taught me a lot, academically and personally. There’s also my BC Calculus teacher. Yeah I guess my two math teachers influenced me to become a Math major :D I really enjoy learning math but lately I have decided to not major in math anymore. I can’t figure out what to do with it as a career. I’m thinking about pursuing a Business career.

But back to my thoughts on my visit. I wished I could have spent more time talking to the teachers that I visited. I’m glad that I can come back and share my first year of college experience with them. And they still share the best and most funniest stuff about school. Aside from my friends, teachers are the people who make school enjoyable.

just keep smiling


love how a smile can change a person’s entire day. 

:( me weird? It hurts a little when people call me that. But that’s just who I am. If people don’t accept it, then they’re not my true friends. I’m unique in my own ways :)


Her Secret: A Post-It Remix

4 days. 19 colors (including crane colors). 300 post-its. ??? cranes (I’ll let you know when I take ‘em down).   

original :: remix 

Illustrations are easier to remix for post-it projects, but after seeing breeouellette's photograph on hitRECord's tumblr, I knew I'd kick myself if I at least didn't try to remix it. It was challenging and difficult dealing with lines and shadows that I never had to deal with before.

The cranes were originally going to be drawn on white post-its outlined with different colored sharpies, but the blurriness of the cranes in bree’s photo made it difficult to know which line went where. Part of the appeal of bree’s photo is the birds’ blurriness because it gives the feeling of flight. It also gives the feeling of awe and confusion for the viewer because you’re left wondering how the hell she did that. So I nixed the drawn cranes idea and decided to fold the cranes myself. Placement was tricky, but it worked out in the end. I love having the cranes pop off the post-it giving the whole project a 3D feel — something new. 

breeouellette is a superb artist and her photographs and animations are phenomenal. 

Pretty proud of this project :)



"Battle Shots with Johnny Knoxville"

No better way to celebrate #TBT than a classic game of ‘Battle Shots’!